Astrophotography and Equipment

Astrofotografie und Geräte – Astrophotograpy Homepage

Astrophotography. Sternentstehungsgebiet in der südlichen Krone. Reflexionsnebel. NGC 6726 und IC 4812
Corona Australis from a spot at Teide, Tenerife, 2040 m above sealeavel.

The main task of these pages is to have a collection of my results and gathered information around astrophotography. This collection shall always be available for me, as well as for the astro community. I had many situations where the information given in various home pages or blogs helped me to cope with issues or to find an idea faster or better. Thats why I like to share the bits I gained.

My Pages

These pages are  mixed-language. I will use german and english language as well. Although I’m german I’ll try to blog new things in englisch language, simultaneously apologizing for the poor language. By this way I hope to reach a larger community. Anyway some parts are in german language as long I don’t find the time to translate.

These pages are my pages. Everybody is invited to contribute.