LDN 1251

Dark Nebula in Cepheus LDN 1251, along with galaxies PGC 69472 and PGC 166755.
Object LDN 1251, 300pc
bright star: HD 214710 / 5.8m / M1III / 191pc
large background galaxies:
PGC 69472 (east) / 15.5m / 2.1’x1.6’ / 25-26Mpc
PGC 166755 (west) / 16m / 1.3‘x0.6‘ / 32 bzw. 43Mpc
North is up (PW = 1°), scale is 1.01“ / pix
Place Breddorfer Moor; September 8th,  2021
Borgfeld, October 7th, Bremen,
Scope 10“ Newton with 0.73x  Corrector at f/D≈2.8
Camera Atik 490EXm, Baadeer LRGB
LRGB:  100/33/33/33 x 4m
Summe: 13h 16m
Mount Avalon Linear
Guiding PHD-Guiding, Lodestar, off-axis guiding
Processing SQM Pro, PI
Remark This object was the main job during my twin telescope night at Breddorfer Moor. The other job did my old GP-D2 with the Esprit 100. The result was this photo. The picture below shows my setup during dusk. All in all I think,  transport, set-up and dismantle the whole stuff is a tough job.

Teleskope in der Abendstimmung.