Mill, Lathe and other ATM Helpers

Here is a collection of a few things I machined or handcrafted with more or less success. But that’s the story with ATM. While you doing something you also learning something. Unfortunately sometimes you had to learn more than expected.  Here I list the this which run well. But be careful: This are no simple instructions. You do everything at your own risk!

Mechanical stuff

Vixen Super Polaris and fast GoTo

A refit of the Vixen Super Polaris Mount. The idea came up in my club to refurbish the old mount bummed in our club house.

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ATM-Example: a new worm bearing for a Vixen GPWorm bearing improvement

A new DE worm bearing for the Vixen GP-D2. My new GP-D2 showed a big issue with DE-backlash. My way to overcome that was to engineer a new worm casing.
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ATM-Icon: wikepedia worm gearWorm Gears

Some basic facts about worm gears relevant for my issues in amateuer astronomy (picture:
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Pimp my Lidl

Improvement of a low budget mount. This mount was my re entry into the world of amateuer astronomy. In german.
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Replacement of the ES HRCC clamping

The eyepiece clamping of my new ES-HRCC was operating well, but I disliked it. I replaced the clamping unit with the more solid Baader Click Lock.
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MGEN Holder

A printed clip-on holder for my MGEN and the Sirui tripod.
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Mirror Bearings

Low friction bearings for a 16″ Dobson.
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Electrical stuff

ATM-Example: stepper motor driverOnStep Telescope Control

Replacing the SynScan GoTo of my Vixen by a DIY computerized goto system for stepper motor equipped mounts. It is a more or less general purpose system and can be used with a variety of mounts.
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Motor Connection to Avalon StarGo

Connection of a hybrid stepper motor to the Avalon integrated stepper drivers. In my case the stepper drives the focuser of my telscope (in german).
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