8″ Newton for visual observations

A newton for my Vixen

Replacing my GP-D2 by the Linear the Vixen suddenly was out of work. Hence I decied to put a visual instrument on it. Because of my experience during my first astronomical life in the 80s for me it was evident to choose a Newton. Aside from the ocassional astrophotographical use of the GP-D2 I put a 8 inch Newton on the mount. It is an old Skywatcher bought used via a famous bay.

Since my Dobson owns digital setting circles I have never looked again threw the 8 inch scope. After doing some photographic testing with it, I’ve sold this scope in December 2019.

Improvements of the 8 inch newton

I replaced the original focuser. It was more or less not usable: stiffly working and at as a whole not acceptable for me. Consequently I purchased a more robust one – also used. It is an older TS 2″ Crayford focuser with 1:10 micro transmission. In my opinion excellent for visual use. For increasing the constrast I’ve laminated the complete scope inside with black velours and blackened all mirror edges. There are different opinions about the sense of this work. This telescope at least  benefits really much of this work. The view gained contrast significantly. Good adjustment provided this system gives astonishing good views.  The gallery below shows some pics of my visual newton.

The OnStep control gives the possibility to control the 8 inch newton telescoe by almost any planetarium software. I use Sky Safari running on a Smartphone. With this system I have the planetarium software and the remote control for the telescope connected wireless via Bluetooth. Find here some information about my mechanical improvement of the Vixen GP-D2.

In 2021 I switched from my simple OnStep to a different OnStep implementation: TeenAstro. Along with this electronical improvement I applied some modifications of the motor set-up. Here are some pictures of it. A printed RA-motor casing can also be found there.

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