Some stories about my equipment. It is a never ending story. Altough every amateur astronomer knows this, here is a brief outline of the system I use. Sometimes more focused on the technology than on the instruments.

10 inch Newton Astrograph

I took the challenge to build up an astrograph with f/d =2.8. Currently I’m setting up the documentation in german language here.
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Skywatcher Esprit 100 ED

Avalon Linear Mount with Skywatcher Esprit 100EDThis OTA is still in use, even since I own the competing 10 inch Newton. I use it mounted at my Avalon. Contains information about accessories gathered or experienced.
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16 inch Dobson

An ATM-Dobson based on a GSO mirror.
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Avalon Linear

Carries my main system. I want to use it as well in my garden as in the outer and darker areas. Hence the system has to be fully portable for me.
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my equipment: guided star adventurerMy own way to a travel mount. Goal was guiding in two axes for a heavy DSLR and backpack suited anyway.
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Canon EF 200 mm f/2.8 L I USM

My favourite Lens for wide fields. If I have to travel with one lens only, I take this one. Page in german.
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Canon 10×42 L IS WP

Binocular with image stabilisation. Page in german.
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ASCOM Temperature Sensor

A DIY project in order to get an ASCOM observing conditions sensor for my system.
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8 inch Newton

 my equipment: visual 8inch newton8 inch Newton for visual use. This scope is sold now.
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OnStep Telescope Control

DIY telescope control. Given away now to AVL for the SPM.
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