Some views of the real outer space. Since my maximum focus lengh is around 550mm, most of the galaxies are shot with a very small scale. Anyway I’m always trying to get a good impression of these objects. Of particular interest for me are pictures with local objects of our galaxy and a real deep sky 0bjects. An example is the pic of NGC6946 and NGC6939. I collect this type of pictures at Close Encounters.

M81, M82 and NGC3077

Captured from March to April 2017. Actually I intended to collect more photons than I finally did. The bright nights of the north german summer stopped me and I decided to start with the processing. Maybe I’m gonna add some light next year…

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Object: M101, 17.02.2018, Borgfeld
Scope: Skywatcher Esprit 100 ED with small Riccardi at f/4.1
Camera: Canon EOS5Da MkII, CLS, 28×4 min at ISO 800
Mount: Avalon Linear
Guiding: ASI 290MM  60/240 Finderscope, PHD2
Processing: SQM Pro, PI, PS
Remark:  North is up. Just a trial not to waste an hour of clear sky…

Object: NGC2903, 12./03., 07./, Borgfeld
Scope: SW Esprit 100 ED with SW Flattener f/5.5
Camera: Atik 383 L+, L: 17x10min, RGB: 9/9/8x10min, Ha: 3x20min
Mount: Avalon Linear
Guiding: Lodestar 60/240 Finderscope, PHD-Guiding
Processing: SQM Pro, PI, PS
Remark: SB(s)d galaxy in a distance of 20 Mio ly. North is up. The smaller one on the left hand is NGC2916.

Below a gallery of more galaxy photos  shot in earlier times. All photos are shown with their original description written after finishing the processing.

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